Publisher's Desk

Town planning unit, Dhenkanal came up with the success of preparing the final master plan of Athagarh which has been approved under Section 32 of the O.T.P & I.T. Act-1956 by the Director of Town Planning, Orissa, Bhubaneswar. The Special Planning Authority, Athagarh with the co-operation of Town Planning Unit, Dhenkanal has notified the same in it's Notification No. 77/SPAA, dt 4.11.91.

In this Master plan, as an obligatory document, allout efforts have been made to streamline the present development to make it functional to an optimum extent with provision of necessary civic amenities and infrastructure on the available basis of physical growth, economic base, demographic trend and socio-cultural status, so that it will not serve the best to the inhabitants of Athagarh town only but also the hinterland around it.

The Master Plan, is also a blue print spelling out the aspiration of the urban community over a period of time. The Planning Authority, no doubt,will act as a nodal agancy in the procees of plan implementation as outlined in the master plan for various urban needs through functional co-ordination among various Government and Semi-Government Organisations, Urban local body & private institutions. But the most vital aspect of successfull implementation lies with the active public partcipation

It is believed that the general public of athagarh through persistent efforts will make the implementation of this master plan a success.